Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Dr Seuss Birthday Party

James is turning 6.  Not until January next year but we thought we'd get in early and celebrate his and his friend Lachie's birthdays last week.  They are born on the same day so are like twins with different mothers…. Hence the Thing 1 and Thing 2 theme for the party!  Blue hair and great t-shirts topped off with some Dr Seuss inspired party stuff made by Lachie's mum and me!

We made some jumping sacks out of calico and Cat in the Hat fabric - the kids had a ball as they raced each other for glory and medals!

An egg and spoon race was easy to organise and with a few salad servers and juggling balls no eggs were lost in the process!

The boys each had a cake - James had the Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes and Lachie had a cake with a personalised cake topper.  The cake board for James' cupcakes is a Dr Seuss gameboard that I found at the opshop! This game came with cards and other cute things that we used to decorate our cakes and party favour boxes.

Continuing the theme to the end, I made a Pin the Number on the Thing game - I drew the Things and made some stick on labels that the kids had to attach while blind folded. Fun and easy!

The day culminated in the Blue Fish Pinata!  This was a shark from Spotlight and the closest thing we could find to go with the Dr Seuss theme.  That's Alexi having a go!

The kids went home with a party favours box which we decorated with cards from the Op Shop found game and labels we printed ourselves.

All in all, we had a ball.

Happy Party Planning

x Miss G