Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How quickly things change and stay the same

So much has happened since my last post.   Alexi went back to school and started grade 4 and James started school.  They settled in well and have had a good term so far. Alexi went on his first school camp - we all survived his two nights away.  He came back no worse for wear and having had a good time.  It is nearly the end of term and we are all looking forward to some time away from school.

I have gone back to work.  After 14 months on leave I thought the adjustment would be hard.  It hasn't been.  It was like putting on a pair of old shoes and walking around in them again.  The work has carried on and I am remembering more and more of the things I once did.  I work 3 days which provides a good balance - I still make contact with the kids' school and my friends as well as having time to catch up on all the domestic stuff.

I even sneak in some craft!

 I've been playing around with Fimo.  This is fun stuff, comes in great colours and can be shaped, baked, drilled and threaded to make cute jewellery bits and bobs.

I call these Sun, Sky & Clouds.  You can have a closer look here in the Bombalina shop.

And Tunisian Crochet! I have been loving playing with different coloured yarn and vintage buttons.  These neck warmers are so warm and soft that I have to resist wearing them as they are also in the Bombalina shop.

I was prepared for Valentine's Day this year.  I made a small lino cut and printed lots of cards which I hid around the place for my hubby to find.  I even made him an original artwork as a gift.  I know this will be worth lots of money one day when I'm famous … ;) .  I tried to stay away from the shops and I think I succeeded.
I am "this close" to enrolling in a Jewellery Making short course at TAFE.  It starts in May and is on for 9 weeks (one session a week).   I have been playing with wire and beads,  collecting some tools and organising the things I already have amassed over the years.  I have a really good collection of pliers, of which I am particularly proud (sad but true). This course is the precursor to a couple of other courses I'd like to do later this year.   I'm very excited and I keep meeting lovely people who have already done the course and are making seriously awesome pieces.

Things are ticking along nicely and that is a good place to be right now.  

Hope you're having a tickity-boo kind of time, too.

x Miss G