Friday, August 12, 2011

So Fast + So Fun = Soft Furnishings

I love changing the stuff in my house.  I get sick of things sometimes and feel a change is needed.  But, I'm not working so the change has to be cheap and cheerful and somewhat environmentally friendly.  No waste permitted!  It has to look ok though - it can't be too shabby, either.

My favourite place to shop for materials is Resource Rescue.  I know, I know… you've heard it before! But really it is quite special and popping along there regularly means picking up new stuff.  I went yesterday as it had been a while since the last time and James and I were sick of being sickies, stuck inside!

Gary was there when we arrived.  He was making something yummy smelling for lunch.  I picked up some great drawing paper for the kids - large sheets of white paper - perfect condition.  I grabbed some lovely large pieces of leather and then I stumbled on some great fabric samples.  Large swathes of coordinating fabric as well as a huge roll of upholstery fabric…. my mind started singing Soft Furnishings Are The Gateway Craft to Upholstery!  And I really want to learn upholstery… what a great way to start.  Resource Rescue has some great upholstery fabrics for next to nothing.  My whole shopping trolley full of treasures set me back the princessly sum of $20.

So this is what came out of the visit.  The fabric was a very large sample of coordinating fabrics by Unique Fabrics.  The back of the large cushions is the stripey fabric you can see on the small cushion at the front.  The small cushion is a bit of a patchwork effort to counterbalance the flouncy flowers on the large cushions.  It even has a zip (which are getting less scary!)

Happy UpCycled Soft Furnishings (nearly Upholstering)!

x Miss G

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