Friday, September 23, 2011


 I love UPHOLSTERY!!  What fun I've been having with some old bits and pieces from the footpath and the op shop and some new bits and bobs from the hardware store.

The picture below shows the original footstool frame.  A dark cherry reddish brown colour - it had no cushion left but it still had the frame that the cushion went in.

 I picked up the foam from Resource Rescue and the fabric from East Kew Vinnies. Paint and upholstery nails were from the hardware.

The timber footstool came from the footpath just a little way up from here.  SCORE!
To cover the dark stain, I painted on a couple of coats of undercoat.  Now its white.

While that dried I put the new cushion together.  I wanted it to be square so that I could put a tea tray on it and use it as an occasional table occasionally!  This was done with the piece of wood layered with foam, covered with calico and then covered again with the bluey-greeny fabric from Vinnies.

 Then I painted the frame a mustard colour - Its called HAYRIDE if you want to be proper about its painterly moniker.  I think it looks really sweet and above all it is FINISHED and out of my craft room!  It will take pride of place in the spare room.  I think I will drape my negligee (ie flanny pj's) over it.  Or use it for cups of tea and tired feet!  Its so cheery and fun!

Love my Staple Gun and Paintbrush!

xox Miss G


  1. Oh, bravo, Gina! You've done an amazing job. I love this sort of thing. You might want to take a look at my blogpost here: to see my (sort of similar, slightly inferior) footstool! I need to buy myself a staple-gun. :-)

    Sally Oakley (@SallyRavels)

  2. Love this.... sooo much better than the original!

  3. Love it Gina, it does not take much to turn something old to something new and beautiful.