Tuesday, January 31, 2012

School time for James….

James loves school.  He hasn't started yet but he is sure he loves it.  There are two more sleeps until James starts school.  His big brother starts back tomorrow and James and I will have one more day, just the two of us, before he joins the "big kids".  

 Summer holidays are over….  

I am ready for him to start.  As ready as I can be.  I am more excited and happy than sad and worried.  I know he will be in a class with some great mates whose mums are great fun.  I know that his teacher is a good one.  I know that he will listen and learn and have his lunch and play games and tell stories.  I know all that.  I just wish I could be a fly on the wall, looking over him and making sure that all these things are happening and that he is happy and relaxed.

I will not cry on Friday when I drop him off.  I will give him a squish and wish him luck.  I will tell him to remember his manners, to be kind to his friends, to listen to his teacher, to eat the things in his lunch box.  I will tell him I love him.  But I will not tell him that I will miss him.  I will not tell him that I am worried or anxious.  I will not tell him that other kids can be mean sometimes or that the work may be tricky.  I don't want him to focus on things that could go wrong or be difficult.

James will have a great time.  And I have a lot to look forward to this year too.  I'll be going back to work and doing some short courses and generally getting back into the swing of things after a challenging 2011.

I had better go and get things organised for school bags, lunchboxes, uniforms, shoes, hats, sunscreen, water bottles …...

Have a great start to the the school year!

x Miss G


  1. hope all is going well with the new school year and you are enjoying a little bit more crafting & you time. Must be very emotional for you sending the baby off to school.
    see you next week ♥

    1. Hey Cathie! He is having great time at school - settled in very well. It has been emotional but I've found that having work to look forward to soon helps heaps. Some crafting going on around here (really just a big mess!) but I'm having fun! see you next week! x♥