Friday, June 3, 2011

Knitting Workshop Wrap Up

I loved teaching knitting yesterday!  I was asked by my friend Belinda Evans to help on the Future Fashion Now event (see previous post!).  She asked if I would like to teach some people how to knit.  3 twenty five minute sessions for 5 people at a time over a couple of hours.
Over the last month or so I gathered all my bits and pieces together,  wrote a little knitting manual, cleaned all the bits of sticky tape off my lovely vintage knitting needles, found lots of balls of wool in my stash and at the oppies and grabbed a stack of knitting books to display.  I packed all this into a very vintage suitcase and off I went to the St Kilda Town Hall.

On arrival, I found my very cute little table behind a white picket fence.  I laid out my thrifted embroidered tablecloth over the other lovely tablecloths that were already there and set up my materials.  Knitting needles in an old metal milkshake container and my balls of wool piled generously in a wicker basket.  Looked lovely.  Lots of people looked at the loveliness and then wandered on.  I settled myself at the table and started knitting.  Maybe it was the act of knitting that attracted people because very soon I had a full table of knitters for my first session.  It was really fun and also very interesting. There are so many different ways of knitting - I saw about 12 different ways of casting on alone!  I had a couple of ladies come to the table who knew how to knit which was great because they helped the novices with tricky things.  Also, I had a few young girls from the local high school who were gorgeous!  the quote of the day came from one of them: "knitting is slow and it hurts my arms."  So funny and true!!

By the 3rd session I had dragged over about 6 more chairs - there were 12 of us at the table - some knitting happily and showing others how to do things, others taking their time and redoing their work, some becoming frustrated but laughing about it.  I know there are photos floating around which hopefully I will be able to post on this blog.

Everyone who attended was given the knitting needles and wool they had been working with and also the How To Knit instructions in a little bag.  I hope they took what they had done home and kept going.  Teaching knitting was the most satisfying thing I have done in a long time.  Loved it.

Click Clack
Miss G


  1. It was so lovely to see you. I took some lovely pics of you, and your table and the knitters. I will get them to you and I insist you add them to this post.


  2. Oh I would love that Lou! and yes. I will add them to this post! thank you so much! you did a wonderful job. it was very entertaining! xo