Friday, June 17, 2011

I bought, I made, I picnicked …..

 The Queens Birthday long weekend always means a trip to Rutherglen to hang out with my father-in-law, Frank, on the farm.  The barrel rolling, the street market and the wineries were great fun.  We caught up with some friends and looked after Frank as he's recently had surgery.

Main Street, Rutherglen was a throng of people.  The air was crisp but the sky was blue and by mid morning people filled every available space.

Handcrafts and food are always good at this market.  There is also the obligatory racks of clothing and socks that people also really like.  Soaps, jams, jewellery, vintage clothing, quilts, wool the list is endless.  This market has always been somewhere I go on my own and where my family meets me later after I've had a good look around.  I like markets on my own.  I am a mono-marketeer.

I made this floor cushion.  It is really ace, I think.  It took ages and cost very little in materials and I think it looks really effective.  It has also become something of a centre for play for the boys and their toys. As you can see James is loving this for his Club Penguin Puffles….

I also made this Hot Water Bottle cover for the Hottie Challenge - gee it was fun to make.  And the charity it is supporting is the Margaret Pratt Foundation Heart Lung Transplant Trust. So many beautiful Hotties are being made for this super cause.

I was so inspired by this Hottie that today I made myself a picnic rug,  It is made out of 12 Dimmeys retro-esque teatowels and a lacy crocheted table cloth.  I also made a cushion and a bag for the picnic rug.

And here are a few things I've bought recently.  My eclectic stash from the Camberwell Market, a stack of lovely crafting fabric from a couple of op shops and an amazing coffee table from Ebay.  I had been watching the coffee table and bid $1 over the reserve price.  I was the only bidder so I won it. so lucky.  I picked it up from the seller and popped it in the loungeroom where it looks great along with its twin baby tables, I think.  The kids have very strict instructions to use the COASTERS! and my husband thinks I did a great job as it really is beautiful!   

That's been my week.  Hope yours has been fun, too.

Happy Everything
Miss G


  1. Chuckling about the market - sometimes markets are so much more enjoyable when the disinterested peeps leave you alone to fossick in peace!
    Such a cute picnic rug - wish it was warm enough to go picnicking.

  2. I have a serious case of coffee table envy.

  3. Cam, yes the market landscape is no place for grumpy hubbies and wandering kids….

    bel, you can come visit my coffee table any time! xo

  4. loving your gorgeous finds!
    didn't properly meet you last night but did see your gorgeous hottie.
    I was the one with the two not so quiet kids ;)

  5. Hi Cathie!

    thank you!

    I should have brought my boys along - the kids would have had a ball together! It would have been nice to have met you properly too! Your pics are amazing and you have a new follower on m.e !

    x G