Friday, July 1, 2011

Hottie Challenge!

I love hot water bottles!  I had a red one when I was a kid - it had no cover on it.  And now we seem to use wheat bags more and more.  Wheat bags are great but there is a nostalgia embedded in hot water bottles - the way they feel, smell, stay warm, get cold, leak etc…. takes me back to the good ol' days!

Last night, the opening of the Hottie Challenge exhibition at Open Drawer Gallery in Hartwell, saw crafters and their families mingle amongst magnificent hand made hottie cover treasures.  So many to look at, so hard to pick a favourite, harder still to choose which one to buy!  Scroll down to the end to see which one I bought!  The one I made is second from the left in the first pic and in the third pic on its own.

Get along to the exhibition and support the Margaret Pratt Foundation, pick your favourite  hottie by a coin vote, and even buy one if there are any left without red dots!  All proceeds go to the Margaret Pratt Foundation and all Hotties are for sale at $50.  Thanks to Cam from CurlyPops for mobilising all her crafty friends to create Hotties for the exhibition and fundraising!  It was great to meet her in real life!  Check out Cam's blog for pics of more gorgeous Hotties!  Using our craft for good made us all feel AMAZING!!  And also Liz from Betty Jo Designs has more Hotties on her blog -  Find Make Do !

Yes, I bought this gorgeous Robot Hottie! He caught my eye and kept me going back for more!

Hope you're feeling HOT!
xo Miss G


  1. Oh that little robot caught my eye too... was wondering how I could split it between all the nephews.
    It was so lovely to meet you lastnight Gina. Thankyou so much for joining in with the challenge and coming alons lastnight and supporting the cause. Means so much!

  2. Thanks for buying my hottie - you made my day!

  3. Love your fiesta dancing couple. I seem to be collecting embroidery patterns with that "south of the border fiesta theme"! Might see if I have this one!

  4. Can't wait to check it out in person - if my kids will let me drag them there over the school holiday:) Thanks for sharing for those who were unable to attend the opening. Cyndy

  5. Hi Liam's Mummy! It is just beautiful and kept me going back to look at him! He will be framed I think!!

    Sister outlaws, thank you. I love rummaging through the linen and lace drawers at oppies. They are full of treasure!

    Hi Cyndy, the exhibition is lovely and worth going to see. I will drag my kids, my husband, my sister, nieces .. really everyone to go see it!

    xxo Miss G