Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Birthday Quilt.

It's my niece Jasmine's birthday tomorrow.  She will be 5 and is having a fancy dress party with a bunch of her friends and family to celebrate.  Jasmine is also my God Daughter which means that I am supposed to be a good spiritual role model for her.  Her grandma, mum and I are all crafty so Jasmine will have no shortage of good creative influences in her life.  She is also an AWESOME artist in her own right.  Her pictures are amazing.  My brother is good at drawing too.  Must be in the genes, I reckon!

With her birthday coming up and my year of living creatively well and truly underway, I decided another birthday quilt was in order!  The floral fabric for this project was sourced from op shops, the wadding and backing were from Spotlight.  It is pieced together with a bunch of 6" squares arranged not very randomly (there is a pattern of sorts in there).

This shows the quilt pieced together and the border sewn on.  Very girly, a bit Liberty Print and the more I worked on it the more I liked the look of it.  Hope she likes it!

 In this pic below, I have quilted together the 3 layers of the quilt.  This part always causes me to fall in a heap as I fight with my lovely sewing machine for cooperation.  I ditched the walking foot I had put on due to the backing fabric bunching as I sewed.  I cried, unpicked, tried again, cried some more. argh!  Then I spoke with my buddy Lucianne and she put me back on track with words of advice and encouragement.  Plus I changed to a proper quilting needle and showed the fabric who was BOSS!

 So it came to today.  Tomorrow is Jasmine's birthday and well, I really had a deadline, don't you think?  I had already cut the binding so today I sewed the binding together, ironed the length of it into a bias binding, pinned into place and sewed it on.
 FINITO!  I have a gift to give Jasmine tomorrow!
 I had made the cushion a little while ago with the same fabrics.  It just has a calico back and a velcro fastening.

Happy Birthday Jasmine!
x Miss G

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  1. Beautiful quilt. I have always wanted to learn how to quilt, hopefully I will one day, and hopefully I will have the patience to finish it. Your series of pictures make it look like you just whipped it up in a few minutes! I'm sure she will love it:)