Monday, July 18, 2011

Making Stuff, Finding Stuff, Giving Stuff, Selling Stuff

Life is full of STUFF.  We are made of stuff, we surround ourselves with useful and not so useful stuff, we covet stuff, we give stuff away, we find stuff, we keep stuff, we buy & sell stuff.  "Stuff" is such a weird word.  We use it to describe what we are doing or wanting or making or collecting.  We use it when we can't find real words for the individual items in our life or when we want to be a bit mysterious and not give away the whole enchilada.  And we use it when we can't be stuffed.  Or when we have had too much food or activity and feel stuffed.

This is some of my recent STUFF

Stuff I've Made

Stuff I've Sold

Stuff I've Bought

Stuff I LOVE

Stuff I've Given

Hope you've enjoyed my recent stuff!

Stuff and Nonsense
x Miss G

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