Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Nomad in My Own Home

I love my home.  I love so many things about it - its location and closeness to things and people I like, the way it has a big room that we can all hang out in, the way I have my own (yet to be organised) study.  BUT for some reason I struggle to confine my activities to one place.  I make nests instead.

Lots of different nests that serve different purposes.  If I am in one of my nests I feel fine.
In any one week I could sleep in 3 different beds depending on how I feel or whether I am going to bed late and don't want to disturb my hubby.  I have been known to move my stuff from room to room in a basket depending on where I am in the house.  All my clothes are in the one place most of the time but this can change too.  Some things are downstairs and others upstairs.

These habits started early on before kids.  With a husband that is a light sleeper and with me being a deep & noisy sleeper, slumber compatibility is never going to happen.  No one can cope with a busy life with too little sleep so sleeping solo became accepted as normal.  Then kids came along and middle of the night feeds and the other nocturnal disturbances wreaked havoc on everyone's sleeping habits.

I am really trying to be more refined in my habits.  I am organising my crafting things and my personal things so that they have an easily accessible home within the home.  This is a slow process as getting everyone else organised is usually prioritised higher than getting myself organised.  I am chipping away at it, at least a little every day.

I have started keeping a notebook of ideals.  Not ideas. Ideals.  The ideal bedroom, studio, bathroom, kitchen, living room.  By ideal, I don't really mean it has to be a photogenic space with everything perfect.  I could not live like that for more than an hour.  It just has to function well and be nice to spend time in.  Where things are easy to find and put away.  That cupboard contents do not fall on my head when I open the door.

The day will come when things are Ideal.  In the meantime I will enjoy converting my mind and my space so that my nests are fewer and tidier but still cosy!

Happy Nesting

x Miss G

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  1. So that's what you mean by being a nomad in your own home. Sleeping on different beds in your house is not unusual. I can actually relate because I do that too. =)

    Clorinda Altavilla