Thursday, October 13, 2011

Op Shops & Skip Bins!

Holly Hobby says it all in this cute ceramic apple shaped dish.  This was found at Salvos in Ringwood  and it ticked all my boxes!  Apple shaped, ceramic, cute, nostalgic … check!  I also found some scarves and knitting needles.

And just as we were about to leave, I noticed something in the Skip Bin at the Salvos.  I could see there were some car track games so I thought I'd go over and have a look….. it started raining so all I could rescue from the Skip was this incredible Milton Bradley Twister Game!  FROM 1967!! In amazing condition down to its spinner card and plastic mat!  SCORE!  How cute are the box graphics, I ask you?

Happy cute things & fun games!

x Miss G


  1. the real question is, why on earth was it in the skip?!? it looks magic!

  2. Great finds! WHY was that fabulous game left in a skip?! So glad you saved it.

    Katie x

  3. Oooh I love the illustration on the twister box!