Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Funday Sunday

I did not get out of my pyjamas today.  And most of yesterday too.  I woke up, showered and then got back into pyjamas.  These are special Super Productive Pyjamas.  Yesterday I wore them as I pottered around home, cleaning, cooking, hanging out with the kids and hubby.  I had my dad over for a lamb roast.  That was a nice get together.

Today was not as productive although I did make some headway on my Babette Blanket.  A few of my friends are walking around with baby on board!  The first one to have a GIRL will get this as a gift!  I am trying to not get scared of the sewing up and sewing in part.

Another exciting thing happened today! I finished my Teepee AKA Wig Wam!  I started this project ages ago and had nearly finished it but just needed some holes drilled in the top of the poles to loop through the rope that holds everything up and together.  My husband and the boys had fun with the task of drilling the holes and then the boys busied themselves filling it with books and toys.  I think they are enjoying their cubby corner with its new addition!

I watched some old movies today as I crocheted.  There was one called Jeanne Eagels - It was based on the story of an actress who was around in the 1920's.  A really interesting story about a then famous Broadway and Hollywood actress.  The movie starring Kim Novak, Jeff Chandler and Agnes Moorehead was very dramatic with beautiful fashion throughout.  Some of the fairground scenes were amazing too - if you like Carousels there are a few good ones in this!

 And have you noticed lately that there is often an Elvis movie on a Sunday afternoon?  Today's offering was Follow Your Dream.  Nice to crochet to and fun to watch (listen to!)

That was my Pyjama Clad Weekend! 

Happy PJ Days
x Miss G

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