Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Backyard Critters

My backyard is small but teeming with life.  I love discovering all the critters that live out there.  Sometimes they discover me like the praying mantis that was hanging out on the tomato I had just picked.  Or the gecko that was discovered while moving some timber.  Most of these animals are photographed and released.  Some are just admired because by the time I go and grab my camera the critter is gone.

We had a spate of marbled geckos.  These three guys were all so different.  The first one had the most luscious tail.  The second one had no tail.  The third one had a forked tail .... weird!

A week ago I noticed a giant spider web had been spun each night in the same spot.  I went out one night and tried to take photos of the spider and its web but to no avail.  I asked my facebook friends and they came up with some good advice.  I tried again last night and after a few attempts (2 rolls of film would have been used in the good old days!!)  I managed to focus in and capture this incredible beastie.  An amazing Golden Orb Spider with amazing crimson bits - its just so beautiful and hairy and clever.

I am totally inspired now to photograph every animal I see in my yard.  Stay tuned!

happy snapping
Miss G

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