Thursday, April 21, 2011

The week that still is....

So we are well and truly into the second week of the school holidays.

Today we had a fun day.  We headed down to Brunswick St and had pizza for lunch and then headed into Meet Me At Mikes for a look around.  I have been following Pip Lincolne's work for a number of years now when her shop first opened in Richmond.  And I have snapped up her books as she's made them.  A new one called Make! Hey! is coming out in October (cannot wait!).  These books, Meet Me At Mikes and Sew, La, Tea, Do! are so much fun and are filled with lots of ideas, beautiful photos and instructions about making things.  It is easy to put your own spin on things and make something lovely for yourself or a friend.

I have a lot of books, new books and books picked up from opshops and second hand bookshops.  I can't not buy a book if it has good pictures and instructions.  I pull these books out and look at them to get the creativity flowing.  Whether its vintage colour combinations, or a technique that has fallen out of fashion.  The 70's are coming back.  I will learn smocking and macrame and embroidery.

Making things is fun.  It's hard to make things sometimes.  Beautiful things can take a long time to make and it would be nice to be able to sell beautiful things that you've made.  Once you factor in your materials and time, the beautiful thing seems so expensive.  But its a one off or a small run.  It's an original design made from scratch by the designer.  It is not mass produced and lugged across the sea in a giant environmentally unfriendly freighter ship.  It is made here.  In my home.  With my hands.  It is handmade.  If you buy something handmade no-one else would have the same thing.  Ever.

I bought a green leather wallet today from Meet Me At Mikes.  Never in a million years could I make this thing of beauty.  I didn't think it was expensive.  In fact it was much less expensive that one you would buy in a large department store with an important looking name.  I think it is beautiful and it fits all my cards and bits and bobs in it happily.  I love it.  The designer's name is Pooky (sp?) and she is from Sydney.  Her beautiful things are available at Meet Me At Mikes.

Then we went over to my folks house for a visit and to pick up Greek Easter supplies.  Red Eggs, Koulourakia, that sort of thing.  It was good to see them and the boys each received a rather large chocolate bunny from their grandparents.

I missed the making of the Easter delights this year.  I vow to be involved next year!  We head up to Rutherglen tomorrow to celebrate Easter with my husband's family.  These delights will come along with us to add a tiny bit of Greece to the festivities.  No lamb on the spit but we will crack eggs.

Whatever you do and whoever you do it with, be safe and be nice to each other.

Xristos Anesti. Kallo Paska.

Miss G x

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