Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Week that Is!

Its only Tuesday night and its already been a busy week.

On Sunday I tried my hand at archery.  Just for fun.  I was invited to go along to a Come and Try Day being held at Waverley City Archers Club by my sister and brother in law.  They have just started taking lessons and thought I might enjoy it.  I did enjoy it.  When I hit the target.  I did think of Robin Hood the whole time.  It was fun but maybe I won't join the club just yet.  I have enough hobbies, don't you think?

Oh and its been a great week in the op-shops near home this week.  Here are few of the treasures I've picked up along the way.  Some great books about quilting.  A lovely bag of buttons.  Some great coloured yarn.  And some very cute sewing patterns from the good old days!  mmm.  a good week indeed.

And we have been entertaining and visiting friends during the day.  This always calls for Friands for Friends.  So I have made 2 batches this week.  We have a few left over to have with a cup of tea after the boys go to bed! yum.

More friends tomorrow but going out and being entertained so that will be fun.  More later.

x Miss G

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