Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The thing about quilting .....

I love quilting.  This has taken me by surprise as I never thought it would be something I would love.  It can look abit chintzy and naff at times but I have seen some amazing quilts which are neither.  They are beautiful and inspirational and full of love and passion.  I was ridiculously lucky a few weeks ago on a visit to the North East.... bored out of my brain, I took the boys into Corowa for a look around on Sunday.  Whilst there I found that the local quilting group were holding their annual exhibition.  I was AWESTRUCK.  Struck by Awe.  These quilts were enormous, amazing, uplifting and exquisite.  There was a whole room full of small quilts which were to be donated to local hospitals to comfort children with cancer and other serious illnesses - I cried.  I was truly moved.

These ladies were so lovely that they even gave my small boys a pair of cotton gloves each so they could TOUCH the quilts..... how amazing is that!  I looked at the tiny stitches and the intricate detail and was completely blown away by the commitment and love that went into every piece.   Some were bright and energetic while others were serene and elegant.   I was in goosebump land with every quilt expressing something beautiful and meaningful.

I finished my first quilt and made another over the last week or so.  This has been super rewarding as I've learnt so much along the way.  My quilts are not perfect (in fact a pretty long way off that) but they are good attempts at something new.

The sewing machine I have been given recently has really made life easy and sewing fun again.  I am eternally grateful to my gorgeous father in law and his supreme generosity.  This machine belonged to my beloved mother in law who passed away a few years ago.  I think of her every time I use her machine.  I have had her serviced and bought her a new foot for quilting.  She is lovely!

My boys have been asking for a quilt each so I will take them shopping and get them to chose a feature fabric which we can put together with some thrifted fabric (like the ones above).  I heard the word skulls and spiders in relation to quilt fabrics from my eldest.... not sure about this but will check out the selection at Darn Cheap Fabrics in Heidelberg or GJ's in Brunswick.  

So there.  Quilting is fun and the finished product brings warmth and happiness! xo

Happy stitching
xo Miss G

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