Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finishing UFO's (un-finished objects)

I love starting things.  I get all excited about making something new.  It's becomes an infatuation, I flirt with the idea, I make my first move, I get all involved and then I stop.  Luckily I'm not like that in my marriage :).

On cleaning out some drawers and project bags a few weeks ago I found a couple of projects, hanging patiently on their needles.  A scarf and a neck warmer.  I started these objects last winter and then life must have distracted me because I put them away.  I remember starting them both -  they held my attention for a while - long enough for me to nearly finish both of them.  I needed closure.  I found the remaining colours I needed buried deep in my stash.  The scarf needed about 20 more rows and  fringed ends and lovely - I have a new scarf for winter!

The other UFO was a neck warmer which needed a bit more work on it than the scarf.  I remember buying the wool from the "Wool Man" at Camberwell Market.  Gorgeous stuff!  It was a bit trickier as I had to remember the pattern I had used when I started making it - it has a couple of ribbed sections. I also had to work out how to do buttonholes and find some cute buttons.  A few days later I had finished it and it worked out ok I think.  Now I have a cute new neck warmer!

I feel a great sense of satisfaction having finished these projects and I am scouting around trying to find other forgotten UFO's to finish.  I may even decide to remove the needles and return the knitting to its original home (the skein).  Either way we both know where we stand.  

Finish a UFO today!
x Miss G

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  1. Miss G, I love your scarf ... and the term UFO. Looking forward to hearing more about your crafty, creative ventures. Ness x