Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Week in Indefinite Space

I love a busy week.  Catching up with dear friends, hanging out with my lovely, funny family and trying out a few new crafty things.

I caught up with two groups of wonderful girls, most of whom I've known for more than 20 years.  Catching up with girlfriends is like a years worth of couch and laughter therapy condensed into 3 or 4 hours.  We talk about stuff.  The stuff we do or want to do or don't want to do. The stuff we should or could do.  We talk about people we love the most and why they make us crazy!  Most of all we just get to finish a conversation without someone needing a banana peeled or a yoghurt opened .... and there's no lego under the dining table!

I caught up with my mum and my sister at Colossus Deli in Doncaster.  A Greek foodies heaven.  I bought so many yummy things which I used to cook a Bougatsa (or cheese pie pictured below). I LOVE their Loukoumia (aka Turkish Delight), and I LOVE their Nougat.  James was with me so he was allowed to chose some pasta shapes which we'll use for tonights dinner.  It was fun shopping there with my family.  We are like a comedy act when we're together - at least we find ourselves extremely funny!


I made a dress!  This blue one below.  Again, a Pip Lincolne pattern from Sew, La, Tea, Do!  Sunday was a really rainy, wet day so after breakfast and a quick read of the paper, I made some space and got stuck in.  I think it turned out ok and it looks nice on.  Making this has given me a bit more confidence so I might crack open one of the vintage patterns I've picked up recently and see how I go.


Oh and I have tried my hand at Embroidery!  I found the embroidery frame and yellow napkin at an op shop, along with a book about How to Embroider!  This is my first chain stitch attempt and it looks super cute on the front and really messy on the back ... It will be ok once I frame it!  :)


And I even made a crocheted pot stand so hot pots don't melt my benches!  I took a little break from my granny square blanket (going well btw) and made this cute little purple, green and cream pot stand with a hanging doover!  Its sitting on a Golden Hands magazine!

That's the week that was last week.  This week is looking bright.  Today is the last day of the Wettest Summer In Recorded History for Victoria. This is a photo of my husband's family's wheat and sheep paddock.  I have never seen such a green, lush Rutherglen and the swamps are teeming with life - especially frogs and dragon flies - so so glad they got their harvest in before this happened though! 


 I am looking forward to a russetty, crinkly, fresh and sprinkly Autumn. Aren't you?

love Miss G xoxoxo