Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Op Shop Jewels of the Fortnight.

I love op-shopping.  Its something we do as a family ie I drag the boys around op shops and they might pick up a 50c car while I check things out.  There are 4 decent op shops within walking distance of my house - theres Vinnies, Epilepsy, Senior Citizens and Mental Health - all great charities that I love to support.  There are also a few I drive past regularly which merit a stop - Greythorn, Doncaster, Kew Junction, Rutherglen, such fun!

It's always good to go in with a game plan.  I have a few things that I always look for - knitting needles/crochet hooks, sewing patterns, scarves, vintage glass jugs, fabric and glomesh/oroton mesh handbags.  Since op shops are a favourite haunt I thought I would update you on what I've found in the last 2 weeks or so.   Here goes!

I picked up this fabric at about 3 different op shops.  I think the most expensive piece was the textured blue fabric in the middle ($5) the rest are little pieces ranging from 50c to $3.  Bargains! I have already turned the green fabric into pyjama pants!  I have plans for everything else too!

Then I found some sewing patterns - these look easy and I particularly love the wrap around skirt pattern!  In a second hand bookshop in Rutherglen, Tapsells Books I found this book - Successful Dressmaking.  Straight out of the 50's, this book is gorgeous and at $20 I thought it was a bargain!  The patterns were all about 50c each and found in various op shops.  Hope all the bits are there!

And vintage tea towels!  This one is amazing and I have another that says I Love Pears (which I do - such a coincidence!)  This one though, I might frame.  It really is totally beautiful!  The one below is very sweet too - cute 70's motif and vivid colours. I could see this in a frame too!  Both of these were from Vinnies for about $3 each.  

So apart from a few other bits and bobs, these were the jewels in the op shopping crown this fortnight!  Get out there and have a look. You might be surprised (pleasantly) by what you might find!.

Happy Rifling! 

x Miss G

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  1. Your blog is looking awesome GG! I am so excited about tomorrow. And I believe I have met my op shopping match in you. We should organise an op shop crawl soon.