Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Gym? Huh?

I loved being a couch potato.  This year I have no excuses to be a sofa spud.  With a year of not working looming ahead of me like some happy shiny joyful magic rainbow, I have made myself a few promises.

  1. I will work on my creativity and associated skills.
  2. I will go to bed earlier than normal (12.30am is normal)
  3. I will peel the spud, chuck it in boiling water and get it moving
  4. I will be organised around the house (clean, tidy, neat, decluttered)
  5. I will be sensible with what little money comes my way
  6. I will try and sell some of the things I love to make
  7. I will only read hardcover books written before 1970
  8. I will sort out the front garden
  9. I will cook a new thing every week
  10. I will whistle while I work

This post is about number 3.  I joined the gym this week.  Yes, I joined the gym.  I can see the people who know me well scratching their heads with a thoroughly puzzled look on their face.  My idea of exercise is a gentle stretching class, maybe a walk up to school or the shops, or a little bike ride with the kids.  The idea of sweating is anathema to me.  Totally against the grain - I get all red and flustered and my hair goes frizzy - it ain't pretty.  But I joined anyway.

Tuesday night was spent balancing my body in Body Balance (a bit of a mix of yoga, pilates and tai chi). Fun, relaxing, downward doggish.  I'll go back - not too sweaty or frizzy after that one and I feel good for days afterwards.

Today was a class called Danzika taken by Carlos from Columbia.  Set to crazy good Latin music, we shook, shimmied, kicked and laughed our way through the hour class.  I think we learnt 4 different choreographies and clapped at the end of each one celebrating the fact we didn't fall flat on our faces.  I did sweat. I did frizz. I smiled the whole way through it.  I'll be back next week and I'm taking a coordination pill before I go!

If you're interested I think Carlos might actually take every Danzika class in Melbourne - he has the market cornered so he might be shaking his stuff at a Rec Centre or Gym near you.  Ay Carumba!

So the journey to a fitter me has begun.  Do or Do Not. There is no Try.  May the force be with me!

And stretch.  Miss G x

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